What is ‘Authentication’ or ‘Verification’

Credit card ‘Authentication’ or ‘Verification’ is a safer method of using your credit card for on-line purchases; Despite the negative messages from the media and other self promoting organisations, using your credit card through a secure and trusted web site, is quite safe. However, to provide shoppers with even more confidence, the credit card companies were forced to bring in a form of on-line PIN process, which operates in a similar manner to an ATM cash machine.

When you go through checkout, you will be offered a secure pop-up window where you can enter your ‘Authentication’ or Visa ‘Verification’ PIN details for added security. You simply follow the normal checkout instructions to complete a safe and secure purchase.

Shopping Price Comparison web results - The best way to find a good deal?

Don’t be fooled by dedicated Price Comparison Web site searches. They throw up a selection of suggested web sites, but only show you the ‘paid for’ ads – It has absolutely nothing to do with the best price on the Internet or the best deal for you.

Trust your own search ability; We guarantee you will find far cheaper deals if you look around. Contact us if you wish and we’ll help you look. Remember, there are countless web sites cheaper than the supposed ‘top results’

Will you Price Match with E Bay

Many ‘good deals’ found on E Bay are sold without an auditable trail from the manufacturer or without a recognised UK warranty; Quite a few watches are sold via International sources which can see you paying further costs for import duty and/or a VAT bill on delivery.

This doesn’t make them necessarily inferior goods of course, but for our purposes, it does rule out a price comparison on a like for like basis. We offer a guaranteed product with current UK Manufacturers warranty and that all important ‘proof of purchase’ from an established retailer, which you will need in any warranty claim;

Don’t forget, UK service centres will not carry out warranty work on an import item.